My welcome to working motherhood…

My welcome to working motherhood…

If you are reading this, then it is possible that you have read my piece that was published this morning on Brain, Child.

A few things have changed since I wrote that piece.  For one, I am working… But not just any job. I am a Real Estate Salesperson with Bohemia Realty Group

There is a framed quote at Bohemia that embodies my MO in this real estate business I have chosen.

Having worked at Gap Inc (Gap,Banana Republic and Old Navy) for nearly 10 years, I was trained in the best Customer  Service around.  
I can help my customers translates to I can help my clients in Real Estate, where articles of clothing and opening a store credit card to save you 15% is now hunting up, down and all around Manhattan for your ideal home and my 15%.
When I left Gap in 2009 to focus on theatre, I had no clue what was next in my life.  I had recently met a man that I had imagined marrying and we did a few years later, although a city hall wedding was not what either of us had expected, and the daughter we had the next year thrust us into parenthood at a time neither of us had expected (me anyways). 
Our life has been a list of unexpected events, which in telling other people is exciting and in living can be frightening.
Now a mother of two and back in a service position, I am floored by the exhaustion, both mental and physical, that has taken over my body.  
On any given day I want to give up – curl into a ball and just pretend it all doesn’t exist or just wait until catastrophe happens!
Real Estate with kids is a new adventure for me!  I am literally starting a new life and with dependents…
In a career built on speed, the first thing I note is that Everything takes longer, but I am held to the same standards.  It is exhilarating and super scary!
There have been so many times where I have been pushed to my limits and filled with rage over uncontrollable circumstances.
But I have been inspired by the little things to push through, which is what I would tell any mom in my situation and so should YOU!  I look forward to enjoying life the way I once did, because let’s be honest – I love this city and would really rather live no place else!  

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