March Community Night is Tomorrow, Monday, March 9th at 7:30pm,

Hey Patrons!

I am oh so pleased that our Blackboard Patreon family has grown so much within the last couple months!  

THANK YOU to our NEW PATRONS!!! Isaac, Angela, Jerrica, Bonnie and Alysia for your support ! 

There have been many shifts in our world since we began here on Patreon.  One is that we are twice monthly in The Mary Rodgers Room at The Dramatists Guild.

We have dreams and aspirations for further growth, but something that is really important is how we are able to keep up the series and give the support that is so necessary to Black Playwrights.

Our Community Nights have been on fire recently!  Thanks to everyone who has been in attendance.


If you’re around tomorrow – bring your work!… 

As a reminder:

PLAYWRIGHTS: Bring your own copies of the work you plan to have read for as many actors as you need for your piece!

ACTORS: Bring yourselves

When  you arrive, we will take the time to gather and pass out pages and  review the work before we build the line up and go!  Similar to an  open-mic poetry night! 

We will have gathering and assign plays for about twenty minutes in the beginning.  If you are running behind, no worries.

EVERYONE: Feel free to continue to share and bring friends!

Hope to see you tomorrow!!

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