Thank You for visiting my my website!  I am happy to have a place that gathers the many pieces that contribute to my work as a writer, producer, photographer, thought leader, and more...

This space also serves as my blog.  A place where you'll find everything from recipes to my musings on motherhood, and more recently updates about my projects.

Here's a quick guide:

I believe in archiving, so you will certainly see my writing, work and ideas over time.

So sit back and scroll through, I'm happy you're here and look forward to being in touch!

Garlia Cornelia Jones

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Essays, Interview and Plays

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Blackboard Plays

Founded in 2008, find out more about this organization devoted to Black Playwrights.

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Garlia is a founding member of Harlem9, an arts organization that produces an annual 48Hour play festival in Harlem.  In 2016, Harlem9 published an anthology and expanded to El Bronx.

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Obsidian Theatre Festival

The Obsidian Theatre Festival (OTF) launched back in March 2021 as a platform for emerging Black voices in theatre and film.  Over the course of 4 days in Detroit, 4 Plays, Musical Theatre Showcases and a cabaret seek to bring together Black stories on a new stage, in Detroit, MI.

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