Giving Tuesday 2022

If you're looking for a way to support one or more of my projects, here's list!

Whether it is something I have created myself, with a group of people or something I am involved in, one thing that ALL of these projects have in common is that they support Black Artists.  The next coolest thing is that they support Black artists in different ways.  I am proud to have devoted my career to this work and if you are able, I hope that you can support me and the work that I do in whatever way you can.

I believe in this work and have not stopped making it my focus since I began, all those years ago at Indiana University with Black Curtain.


Being an artist is hard work.  We wear many different hats and often require support from various places to keep going.  Patreon is a space where I can share things with a group of people invested in my growth as an artist and creator.  All of my various projects come from me.  My patreon community specifically supports me, so that I can support the other work.  I love my patreon community - we are growing strong and it is a space where I share behind-the-scenes news, photos, links, videos and more!    My goal for 2022 is to reach 100 patrons!  Can you get me closer to that goal?

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One of the two ways to support Blackboard Plays is by becoming a Patron for #behindthescenes posts and exclusive interviews!

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In mid 2020, Blackboard Plays and PAAL (Parenting Artist Advocacy League), of which I am the Producing Director, began brainstorming on a project that uplifted both of our missions.  After months of conversations, the Black Motherhood and Parenting New Play Festival (#BMPFest) was born, as a way to tell the stories of Black families by Black artists with families.  We are closing our 2nd Season and beginning work on our 3rd.  We continue to look for individual and foundation support.  Contact us: [email protected] for a deck or to learn how to support this initiative.

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Blackboard Plays

The second of two ways to support Blackboard Plays is through Classy  From Website and other admin fees, to artists stipends for our readings, your support ensures that we can continue to create spaces for Black playwrights across the Diaspora as has been our mission since 2008.  Blackboard Plays is powered by Producer Hub.

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I am so proud to be one of the Founding Producers of Harlem9.  In 2010, we came together to celebrate the past, present and future of Black Theatre and we did that via "48Hours in...™Harlem".  We won an OBIE Award in 2014, 1 week before I gave birth to my 2nd child on the Sidewalk, we expanded over the years and began to include various other collaborations, including "48Hours in...™EL Bronx", "48Hours in...™Detroit", "48Hours in...™Holy Ground", "48Hours in...™Dallas".  We did a Digital Edition in 2020 for our 10th Anniversary and we have continued to self-publish our anthologies - which include all the 10-minute plays from over the years for each festival that we have commissioned.

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I was pleased to join the team at Ghostlight Production for the 2nd Annual Obsidian Theatre Festival for the 2nd Annual Festival in 21/22.  This year, I am the Senior Creative Producer for this unique festival in my hometown of Detroit.  We are Going into our 3rd year.  I am proud to be from Detroit.  Detroit has an incredible legacy of Theatre and the arts.  Not only have I been working on "48Hours in...™Detroit", with Harlem9 and Detroit Public Theatre, but Obsidian Theatre Festival also brings me back to Detroit and making space for Black Artists at home is very important to me.  OTF supports the stories of Black Playwrights, Composers and Lyricists!  It is a dream come true to be bring Black stories to Detroit on this "new stage".

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