This is what Blackboard is all about!

Supporters and FUTURE supporters!  Blackboard is about development and not production… but what exactly does that mean?  Well… everyone needs a place to try out their stuff.  Everyone needs to hear feedback.  It is ALWAYS NEEDED and ALWAYS VITAL… and I get SO EXCITED when plays that Blackboard has featured go on to production, which is why I am so excited to share with you about James Anthony Tyler’s “Some Old Black Man” at 59 E 59!

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Your monthly support ensures that we continue to be a home for these writers on their road to the big productions they so deserve!

January was a great month for us! Re-Cap and more February prep!

We did something new in January: we had two readings!  It was wonderful connecting twice in one month.  We look forward to seeing you again @ the cell in February for Nike Kadri’s Feature.  

We’ve got a new energy in 2018 and so many wonderful things headed your way.  We appreciate your support and we hope that you will want to support us here and by attending a feature.