Bye Bye ZipCar

Bye Bye ZipCar

In July, after a couple months of struggling with two kids in the city we finally got a car.

It had been a long time comin’…
I definitely did my fair share of trains and cabs with carriers and strollers and all the rest of it. 
But I never canceled my ZipCar.
Since the last thing I need is another extraneous expense, I cancelled ZipCar last weekend.
It was bittersweet, but it felt good to finally make a decision around something.  I am usually indecisive, and when I found myself going into the “Well maybe I’ll need it… if I…”  I stopped myself and said “You have a car.  It’s a waste”.

Sure, these may seem like silly discussions for people who don’t keep everything in site or hold onto all parts of their past, but as I try to get out of these habits, I have to be very conscious of them.

Hoarding sounds like a dirty word… it sort of is, but what is behind it is often dirtier.

So canceling ZipCar is more than what it seems.

It is my letting go of something I do not need.

Our move brought that up for me, time and time again  Why was I holding onto this… I’ll never use this broken […] or this old […] so why keep it..?

It is a process, but the new home has been the key to unlocking these bad habits and letting them go.

I am ready to let go. 

What do you hold on to?  
How did you let it go?

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