#BMPFest Submissions are Open: Black Playwrights with Families!

#BMPFest Submissions are Open: Black Playwrights with Families!

This is my first post in quite some time.  I'm trying to do better about posting to my blog.  It used to be a thing I did pretty often and then LIFE HAPPENED... more like... divorce, new job, pandemic and moving... lots of blog posts in there and my Patrons have been receiving the behind the scenes over views, so if you're interested in joining my community!  I'd love to have you.

But this post is about #BMPFest... 

... and where should I begin...?

Well, it's gonna take a couple posts to catch up maybe... but also maybe not... #BMPFest is the Black Motherhood and Parenting New Play Festival I co-created with Rachel Spencer Hewitt of PAAL (Parenting Artist Advocacy League).

You can read more about it in this Instagram Post!

The 1st Annual #BMPFest was between May and June of 2021.  We featured 4 new plays by Black Parent Playwrights.   Check out the one of our press releases here!  

Here's a Playlist of Trailers, interviews, intros and our panel from the 1st Annual #BMPFest!

This year, we are looking at the Fall of 2022, but before we get there, we need the plays, right...?

So... SUBMISSIONS opened January 1st and we want to make sure that you spread the word.  I'm including the notice below!  If you are a Black Playwright with a Family - that includes if you are a caregiver, then you are invited.  We are interested in telling the stories of Black mothers, fathers and non-binary Parents and Caregivers!

Blackboard Plays and Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL) partner to uplift the experiences of Black Parenthood. The Black Motherhood and Parenting New Play Festival was established to tell stories from and about Black artists with families.


Since 2008, Blackboard Plays has been devoted to Black Playwrights throughout the African Diaspora.  Blackboard Reading Series was incubated at Nancy Manocherian's the cell in Chelsea's Manhattan as a resident series for 10 years before Blackboard made its home in The Mary Rodgers Room at The Dramatists Guild in 2018.  Feature Readings and Community Nights are two ways that Blackboard supports the development of new work by Black Playwrights.  Blackboard was founded by Garlia Cornelia Jones.

Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL) is a national advocacy organization serving as a resource hub, community, and solutions generator for caregivers in the performing arts and media and the institutions who support them. PAAL created the first all-gender, all-discipline national PAAL Childcare Grants for individuals and institutions. PAAL has participated internationally in think tanks, on panels, and facilitated workshops on parenting in the arts at multiple gatherings, including the national TCG conferences, BroadwayCon, Actors Equity AssociationProfessional Association of Canadian Theatres, and the first national conversation on caregiving in the Latinx community at the Latinx Theatre Commons Annual Convening, Miami in Motion, in 2019. PAAL commits to anti-racist roots in structure, practice, policy, principle, and production, through Vertical 50/50, centering support on BIPOC artists, and gathering resources for active anti-racism in caregiver support.


PAAL and Blackboard established #BMPFest to showcase the creative output of Black parent playwrights. They issued an open call in October 2020 for writers who identify as Black parents or caregivers to submit up to 10 pages of work that they would develop into a one-act.


The Black Motherhood and Parenting New Play Festival (#BMPFest) is seeking new plays by Black Parent and caregiver playwrights for its upcoming theatre festival in the Fall of 2022.

#BMPFest is open to those that identify as Black parents and caregivers.

#BMPFest is seeking stories centering the Black parenting and caregiving experience.

This includes, but is not limited to stories from artists with family responsibilities.

PAAL and Blackboard are transgender and non-binary affirming spaces. All language referencing "mother," "parent," "dad," "caregiver," and their derivatives include and refer to any individual who identifies with them.


March 1st, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST


Please submit up to 10 pages MAX of a play that you would develop into a One-Act (30 - 45 minutes.)

Ten (10) Semi-Finalists will have a feature digital (zoom) reading as part of Blackboard Plays’  ‘21-22 Season.

Four (4) Finalists will develop their One-Act centering on the Black parenting and caregiving experience to premiere digitally during the Fall of 2022.

  • If you are chosen as one of our ten (10) semi-finalists, we will request the full script for review.
  • Diverse Gender representation will be prioritized in the review and selection process.
  • Each produced play will have digital production elements and an assigned director.

Although we ask for a sample of 10-pages, this is not a 10-minute play festival. . Video Submissions will not be accepted.


The Final four (4) plays will be produced virtually.

Pending partner theatre preferences, we will consider a hybrid presentation.

Vaccination will be required for all participants of in-person productions


Each of the four (4) Finalists will be paid a stipend of $1,000. USD, as well as a $500. USD Caregiver Reimbursement Stipend per artist.


Question: What if my play has already had a reading or what if it has been produced somewhere else.  Can I still submit it?

While we encourage new work we also support the developmental process.  If your piece is in development, has had a reading, or been produced at smaller theatres then send it along.


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