Why you need IDNYC before the Summer begins!

Living in New York when finances are tight is no fun.  Living anywhere when finances are tight is no fun, but since this is New York, the cultural opportunities are world-renowned and as a parent, one of the best things for me to do is expose my children to museums and anything else I can get their hands on!

So with activities adding up for my 1 and 3 year old for example, I was looking forward to something like IDNYC to come along!  

IDNYC is an exciting new ID card for NYC Residents that boasts discounted memberships across many (seems like most) cultural institutions in the city! 
There are FREE things to do around the city, but the thing about IDNYC is that the non-free things will now be accessible to me without my having to make an excuse as to why I cannot go.
A list of the benefits are available here!
If you are a New Yorker and you do not have the ID yet, then book your appointment today!  Seriously… They are filling up fast!
I made a trip out it, going with one of my “Sister-Friends”, Ayo.  We made our appointments online and chose the earliest appointment we could find (which was about 10 days out… In Brooklyn (we both live in Manhattan).
The wait seemed non-existent and the staff was amazing! We were in and out in one hour (with a toddler and a baby).
The KEY is having the appointment!  All appointments are honored before non-appointments!  I came from work and by the time the car was loaded with everyone and we made it through a drive to Brooklyn, we were a little late, but because we had appointments, we were mixed in with the other appointments.  
I should also note that Sunset Park is a new location.
Another friend I encouraged to apply went to the Mid-Manhattan Library with a wait under an hour as well.
You better believe I will be sharing the adventures we have as soon as my card arrives!  
Not to mention, if you ever wanted to join a credit union, that is now a possibility with IDNYC!
Stay Tuned…

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