The Substance of Strangers

Another City Room reject for your enjoyment…  I’ll keep trying.  They’ll bite one day (I hope).

Dear Diary: 
I moved to New York to sit next to strangers in theatres and cafés—
To mingle with the many dreamers and doers lured onto this island.
In my early years here, I experienced much of that, but without the experience of married life and motherhood I now hold within my soul.  
Now, every outing alone is a resurgence as well as a reminder that I am still the same person with more to share… Something easily lost when the “Frozen” Soundtrack is on repeat. 
Sunday evening, I saw a play alone.  The last of many for a while as I am expecting before the Summer begins.  Needless to say, any time alone is more like a pleasant surprise these days, than anything expected.
I sat next to a lovely older woman, Charlotte, who spends part of her time in Mexico.  I answered all of her questions about my iPad Mini and other comparable tablets and talked about my family (being away from them doesn’t mean they aren’t constantly with me).
After learning I was a playwright who had studied under the writer of the show we were seeing, she said she was very proud of me.  
On my way out, another stranger remarked that I was the most beautiful pregnant woman she had ever seen.
For all the mess people give this city, those that live here sure know how to make a woman feel good and I am forever grateful for the kindness of strangers.

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