Procrastination is a “you know what”!

Procrastination is a “you know what”!

I have wanted to actually publish this blog for months now… as you can see by my “Coming Soon” post from September… oops

So now I’m doing it after three days of have the site opened making some last minute changes, and a little pep-talk.

If you know my procrastinating ways, you won’t be surprised, but as my friend told me this afternoon – it’s really over-thinking, and as my husband usually says, “there’s no sense in getting grey hairs over it“.

So publishing this post is the end to over-thought… I wish

At least it’s a start.


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2 thoughts on “Procrastination is a “you know what”!

  1. […] Gabby Douglas made me think a lot this summer… I wrote this right before the Olympics wrapped… I suppose I finally have the guts to post it …5 months later… remember my procrastination problem… […]

  2. […] often feel like my mind is going to explode from thinking before being able to accomplish anything (Procrastination / Over-thought). I lie awake lost in the minutia of motherhood and wife-dom, writing bits of dialogue / monologues […]

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