Post-Grad School Blues

Post-Grad School Blues

We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on degrees that are packed in boxes we rarely unpack in between the annual apartment moves.

The time spent educating ourselves would lead one to believe that post-graduation would be a breeze.   Right….

But with an MFA in Playwrighting, Directing or Acting… job applications are not always “submit your resume and list your special skills“.  It’s not quite so black and white for everyone.

While a fair amount of our other friends are buying homes, having children or making their comfortable livings as doctors, lawyers and … there are many of us out there becoming what we’ve dreamed of since we were children, not because it will necessarily make us rich (although we’ve never complained about a couple dollars), but because it makes us happy and truly “rich”.

Upon exiting graduate school, I believe there is a cloud that follows – it’s hazy and colorful – one believes in the mirage of dreams from this cloud and then one day, you’re down, the lowest you’ve ever been and who’s there to help you?  Not help you in a little way – but help you in a way where you can be honest… we’re not talking, “did you finish the play?”.  We’re talking head-hunters and job interviews at non-profits, waiting tables, corporate resumes and working at the GAP…

Post-Grad School is full of this extra stuff that has nothing at all to do with how many beats are in this scene or what is this character’s objective.

Driving through this mess can seem hazy until you realize it’s not only you out there.  But it can all mess with your identity.  If you get caught up in “What size sweater were you looking for”, how long until you begin creating the schedule or doing things you’re good at to pay the bills.

A healthy balance is hard, but necessary.  With the right people surrounding you – totally possible.

To all my post-grad school graduates, keep driving, surround yourself with good people and don’t forget what you always wanted to be!

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