Our Mother’s didn’t have Facebook…

Our Mother’s didn’t have Facebook…

Staying in touch these days can be a little overwhelming – everyone is there – all the time – tweeting and updating and while we know now that cyber breaks are necessary, it is sometimes sad to think about what has happened.

I hate change – it’s a bad trait…. The worst… I fear it and yet think about it constantly. Facebook is full of change- it can even document it for you and one can get lost in the change we see from people who were in our elementary school, high school or university.

Divorce is an ugly word for some and maybe a release for others. Having not had that experience, I write as an observer to how public our life’s have become and the need to explain everything via social media. I love social media, I really do – I operate multiple channels across various platforms and I delight in mentions, re-tweets, Likes and tags. But, I have also kept life-altering news from being the main headline of my feeds. I’m married, but you will see no wedding photos, I have a daughter, and probably post the least out of most people I know with a child / children, and I like it that way.

There has been a lot of talk about Facebook and Divorce, with Facebook as the cause, but what happens when you document these life events and the unexpected happens. Is there a “divorced” relationship status? It is such a personal thing – like the ending of a relationship on Facebook where you have to then remove the photos of you and your now-ex that were plastered across your wall.

We had a conversation over the holidays about people who had passed away, and how their Facebook pages became shrines/ memorials. It is definitely comforting to some, maybe is who have experienced the loss and uneasy for others.

It looks as though Facebook is here to stay, and our lives are forever changed – many would say for the better.

But how much is too much…

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