Just As Black

I’m a playwright – 6 years ago I would have called myself a director…and maybe a poet…

In fact, this blog could stand as an ode to Black History Month, but to me it is more about identity.

“Discovering” my blackness in a world that was predominantly white took time, but ultimately the self-acceptance proved positive.

Identity was and still is a large part of my life. Besides  always being able to identify as a woman (daughter, sister…), I could also identify as a person who stutters and now wife and mother.

The poem below is part of “The Day I Found Out I was Black” – It’s the first poem in fact…

Keep in mind it was written at a time of growth… growing into my identity and dealing with issues I had encountered in the past.

Identity is an evolution.

Nonetheless, I know there are other young Black men and women who are still dealing with similar issues so this is for them…

Come to think of it, adults may face this “Just as Black” ideal at work… maybe you don’t quite fit into the mold of what your co-workers consider black… or asian… or whatever your ethnicity.  We have all carved out our own identities these days – expanding upon what our “race” is “supposed to be”.

Let me repeat Identity is an evolution.

During Oprah’s interview with Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington and “the real Olivia Pope”, Judy Smith, I believe it was Kerry Washington who spoke about her character, Olivia Pope, sort of transcending race.  Yes – we see her as a successful Black woman, but she is also a successful woman.  She is good at what she does and it is nice to see her race not always be a major part of that.  Something Ms. Rhimes does well in all of her television shows, I might add.

So for all of you breaking down barriers and not defining yourself by your race… this is for you…


Just As Black poem copy

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