Happy Belated Black History Month

Happy Belated Black History Month

I was remiss in not mentioning the start of Black History Month in Friday’s “Oreo” post. One might think that with a blog entitled, “The Day I Found Out I was Black” that I might be the first to take note, but motherhood distracts me from most of what made me who I was before having a baby and priorities are shifted…. sometimes drastically.

In my case, having a baby thrust me back to the days when I accomplished a lot in little time AND excelled (however I’m stilling working on the excel part).

So while my degrees and focus on black identity and culture in America and the Diaspora were 1st on my mind once upon a time, these days I’m most likely thinking about what I should make my daughter for lunch and if I should go to Whole Foods today or tomorrow…. before or after she naps.

However, my experience as an “Oreo” is exactly what led me to work on my MA in African American and African Diaspora Studies. So maybe it wasn’t a bad introduction after all.

Happy Black History Month!

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