A Shout-Out to all my OREOS!

A Shout-Out to all my OREOS!

Happy Friday!

In honor of the end of the work week, let’s keep it light… with a poem….

This poem is from “The Day I Found Out I was Black” – which was performed in 2004 at Indiana University.  I haven’t read it in quite some time, so looking at it now made me chuckle  a little.  While I seriously had those feelings, it’s nice to have gotten past them, but I know I’m not the only one who felt that way or who feels that way.  I have encountered many “oreos” since high school… had I known more, we could have bonded… but not all “oreos” make friends…you smile at one another, wave, have polite conversation, but that’s pretty much it.

Last week, there was a re-tweet by playwright Katori Hall of a link to young woman’s play “Life as an Oreo” by April A. Jones (@aprilreign91) – I have been thinking of this since then and dedicate this post to April and all the other Oreos out there!









oreo poem


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One thought on “A Shout-Out to all my OREOS!

  1. Thank you so much for this. It's exciting to see so many different people being touched by my play. I never would have thought it would happen. I find out in about a month if it's going to be performed at the Kennedy Center in D.C. *crosses fingers*

    Let the Oreos rejoice!

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