1 year… 3 lines

Last year, I subscribed to Baby Center’s updates and allowed their app to send weekly notices of my child’s progress.

While I find the app pretty thorough, I normally ignore it – not that it doesn’t have valuable information… I just don’t always have the time to read it, but I do like having it.

But I digress — the message below popped up on my phone on my daughter’s birthday…


If only this last year could actually be summed up in 3 lines.

But I can try…
“Congratulations! You’ve just made it through one of the most exhausting years of your life – only 17 more to go!”


“Congratulations! Your Life as you know it is Over!”


“Congratulations! You’ll never go to the bathroom alone again!”


“Congratulations! Privacy is a thing of the past!”

… You get the picture!

But in all seriousness – nothing beats this first year- watching someone literally grow before your eyes is such an amazing gift that I am more than honored to experience!

I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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