Latest article: Re: DETROIT

Two years ago, my parents sold our childhood home. I mentioned little about it publicly, but started writing something that I eventually had to put down because I didn’t have the rest of the story. I was in New York and hadn’t been back to Detroit for a while. I knew to finish telling the story, I needed to be in the city [Detroit].

This summer, things just kept happening… and we stayed…my kids and I, that is…  A month later, I was able to experience the week of “Rebellion” events leading up to the 50th Anniversary on July 23rd and nearly 1500 photos later, we have this story that was published on

The lesson here… PATIENCE.

I was dying when the house was sold and full of a lot of feelings, but with time, my feelings of angst were better articulated with the story of Detroit and while this is likely only the beginning of this story, I am so very happy I bugged who I bugged and pitched who I pitched.



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