Syncopated Breaths: My Literary Mama Writing Prompt

Today, free write about what you are holding on to and what you wish to let go. At this time of new beginnings, what will you cast away? What will you keep? – 

4:15 am
Awake, I listen to their breaths — peaceful in the dead of night, their bodies finally listless.
I snuggle close to her, my mini me, as they say.  
Does our resemblance push me away? 
Do I have what it takes?
I take a deep breath and let go of the doubt.  Let go of the questions.
My insecurities are running my mind – crippling my hand – my pen held just over the paper… ready to explode.
I breathe in the courage to speak my mind… Write my mind.
Letting go of the fear and facing the truth that my words have weight for others.
Women like me, listening to the syncopated breaths from their nurseries or in their rooms. 
Wanting to change, feeling a change and having the courage to put that pen to paper and just write.