The Moleskine Challenge

My Moleskine collection is pretty extensive, at least for me.  From the first time my dad bought me one at a Barnes and a Nobles in Metro Detroit to the mini mini ones I carried around during Grad School in New York City, observing the people and things in the city I love so much.  Notebooks have always been my thing.  There is never one very far away.

When figuring out the summer and realizing that camps may not be an immediate possibility at the frequency I wished, I decided that an old fashioned planner would have to be the thing in order to have a good go at daily activities for my little crew!

Following my daughter’s pre-school graduation, I set-out to find a Moleskine.  With at least 1 town bookstore in my surrounding towns, I imagined I’d stumble into a quaint space, be filled with enchantment, find the perfect 18-month Moleskine planner and be done with it.
No such luck – I called about 5 bookstores in the area (not Barnes and Nobles) and no one carried my coveted planner.  I’m definitely the person who if she has her mind set, I’ll stubbornly do what I can.  I may have tamed my am urges with age, but this was something I wasn’t going to let go.
My second to last call was to Manhattnville College, who did not carry the books, but did suggest the bookstore at S.U.N.Y. Purchase which wasn’t too far away.
The distance to the nearest Barnes and Nobles vs. Purchase was the same, so I set off for Purchase, someplace new, where I imagined I wouldn’t have to pay for parking.
Maybe because there was always a free parking option in the city, but around here, the parking lot life is still not something I have gotten used to :/

Purchase turned out to be a pleasant surprise – the grounds were full of large art installations and many people stopping to take photographs.  It felt like such a welcoming place.  We will definitely add the Neuberger to our Camp Garlia activities!
The bookstore was empty with school out and summer session not yet begun.  We searched the racks and debated between the larger or smaller notebook, chose the latter and voilà!
Now for the planning!
What do you use to plan out your summer with the kids?